Introduction of new Discus with old ones

If you already have Discus in your aquariums where you want to introduce your new ones, here are some tips:
– Buy new Discus about the same size as the old ones, 1-2 inches maximum difference.
– Turn off or dim the aquarium light for the first few days until the new ones settle in and eat normally. You can leave the room light on during the day if you don’t have sunlight lighting the room.
– Feed them what they like. Don’t try to get them used to something else like pellets right away. They need to be strong to integrate into groups. You can get them used to another food afterwards.
– If the new ones are rejected by the old ones, move your aquarium decoration, filter rejection or other to disturb the old ones a little who can be territorial. They will then be disturbed enough not to focus on the new ones.
– Give food at each end of the aquarium to separate the group and give newcomers a better chance of eating.