Discus become rare in pet stores and we have requests across Canada where people are unable to find Discus. It is for this reason that we also sell retail to the public.
Our wholesale prices should allow you to sell at the same price as us.
Just because we also sell retail doesn’t mean we’re your competitor.
Remember that you probably buy products every week from one of your suppliers who also have more than 10 pet stores in Canada.

You want to resell our Discus, enhance the image of your company in the world of the aquarium or simply offer the best Discus in the market to your customers, so get our Discus for several reasons:

  • We are the largest distributor of various Discus in Quebec and probably in Canada.
    We can provide our Discus across Canada.
  • You will be in reseller list on our website that is in the top rankings of Google and others.
    Our website is visited by hundreds of people every day.
  • Our Discus come from a high quality livestock that has proven its expertise in winning many competitions and championships around the world, it is the most beautiful!
  • More and more people dream of owning this fish, it is the sign and the culmination of a passionate freshwater aquarium.
  • Discus is called the king of the Amazon and aquariums. Beautiful Discus in your pet store is a plus for your reputation.
  • Our Discus are among the most famous in the world for their beauty but mostly for their robustness!
    Only our Discus are easy to maintain because they are raised in tap water and they support a high nitrate levels.
  • Your customers will be satisfied and will come back to buy more.

You can have the opportunity to sell our Discus!