Discus fish are often used to eat food made with beef heart like the one we sell  : frozen food.

I do not recommend bloodworms as they can carry parasites. It is not for nothing that you will see on the packaging of a major brand “sterilized 3 times”.
Even with this sterilization, some parasite eggs cannot be destroyed with this sterilization method.

To get them used to eating pellets, you can give them pellets with what they like and gradually reduce what they like by increasing the amount of pellets. This can take several weeks, this is normal.
It is often enough for one Discus to eat the new food for all the others to understand that it can be eaten too.

You can also soak the dry food with beef blood or fish juice that you get from the raw meat that you buy to eat for yourself. Gradually you soak them less and less.

Feed your Discus 3 times a day with our food or quality nutritious food.
After the meal, you should see their stomachs full with a slight bump on either side of the fish.
I do not recommend more than 3 meals a day. Some will tell you 8 times a day but that’s for babies feeding on brine shrimp.
Starting from 2″, they are no longer babies and they eat much more nutritious food.
If they eat too much and too often they will spend all their time wasting their energy on digestion instead of using it for growth. They will also have general health problems like any animal that eats too much.
If you give less nutritious dry food other than our food, you can increase to 4-5 meals a day.