Building your own filter

Simple, inexpensive, reliable and worthwhile.
In case your main filter starts to fail, it is ideal to have a back up filter to avoid crashing your aquarium cycle.

Required Materials:
1. Foam sponge, medium sized pores, size: 15 x 15 x 25 cm
2. GF plastic pipe 40 mm diameter, approx. 40 cm long, with slits on it
3. GF sleeve socket 40 mm diameter
4. Motor pump, e.g. 27 W
When choosing a pump, you should make sure that the suction side of the pump can be fitted exactly onto the pipe or sleeve socket. Assemble all parts, in the same order as they are listed above. If required, you can fasten the pump to the pipe using aquarium silicone. Position the filter on the base of the aquarium and run it in (approx. 14 days). Estimated filter performance: sufficient for approx. 20 fully-grown discus fish, with 2 – 3 feeds per day.

Cleaning the filter: if the pores of your foam sponge are large enough, you will not need to clean the filter, as it does not clog up and as it develops an excellent bacteria culture. However, is the pores do clog up, squish the sponge in a bucket with your aquarium water.