Black spots

Black spots in varieties without vertical bars

Discus without vertical bars often based on Pigeon Blood such as Pigeon Blood Blue, Red, Silver, Snake, Marlboro, … have small black spots called charcoal or pepper.
It is the equivalent of the vertical bars that are scattered all over the body.
This is permanent like the vertical bars but emerges more or less depending on :

– emotion, stress, excitement.
– domination. Dominated Discus tend to show more bars and pepper.
– the color of the habitat, the environment. With a sand or a dark background, the charcoal comes out more. The Discus is a bit like the chameleon.
– the quality of the water or the light. If the Discus is not completely comfortable, these black spots will come out.
– age. Often this decreases with age.
– depending on the quality of the Discus.

Example of small black spots due to a dark environment :

Here are the same Discus, 1 year later in a clearer environment:[:fr]