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If we do not have in stock discus you want, you can choose and book the ones you want in the next arrival.

On special order, it is not possible to see the Discus before purchase, any order is final except in default of the fish. To see the quality of your future Discus, watch the videos of our latest arrivals Stendker: click here
Our collaboration with breeding Stendker requires respect for precise selection criteria and all Discus we receive therefore correspond to those you see on the pictures.
There may be some differences in the patern (as drawings) on the discus but below 4 « , they are all the same.
So do not see the Discus, especially if you order them below 4 « is absolutely not a problem. You have to understand that they come directly from the breeder and Stendker has become a sign of recognition in the world and they care too much to their reputation to send you a Discus will not like you.