Visiting Stendker Discus farm in Germany


The day looks beautiful, the weather is nice and the sun is with us.
We are in Germany, but not anywhere, in the direction of Stendker Discus farm.

Located in a small town in the German countryside, it was almost natural to lose our way. Finally, we will arrive in the afternoon and excitement is finally seeing huge warehouse of Stendker brothers with company logo (see photo).
P1070410[1]The farm has a reputation around the world, because it is the biggest in Europe but also and especially by the quality and the beauty of the Discus.
It is composed of nearly 3,000 tanks of different sizes and 15 employees.

It is run by 2 brothers, Jorg and Volker Stendker who took over and developed the company from their father Heinz Stendker.
Volker Stendker welcomes us and after a few words exchanged, we enter one of the hangars provided for for breeding.

When we enter, it was outstanding, thousands of perennials and curious Discus welcome us.
It is breathtaking but unfortunately for reasons of confidentiality we can not put pictures of the aquariums and installations.

For the record, Volker Stendker explains that there is 35 years old, his father, Heinz Stendker, began breeding home by passion, in her living room.
Then from year to year, he needed more space and moved in his garage with hundreds of aquariums, until a fish dealer visited him.
Stupefied the dealer told him it was the bigger breeder in Germany and should make it his profession.
That’s how it all started, he made his profession in 1986 and the breeding Stendker turned professional in 1998 with the resumption by these two son.

Luck is waiting for you, we have the opportunity to admire a beautiful breeding pair full reproduction:

Others breeding pair:

Aquariums for pair formation:

Before leaving, we also have the pleasure to see the trophies won at the world championships in Duisburg:

Hoping to keep you travel and dream through these lines and pictures, we wish you much pleasure with your Discus.

Thank you Volker Stendker for this dream afternoon.