Visiting Discus Hans

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Discus Stendker of my friend Hans.
Hans is the distributor of the Discus Stendker in the United States.
Passing through Baltimore, I just had to go to greet him but I finally stayed almost 3 hours!

We both started our adventure in the sale of Discus professionally about the same time.
In addition, both in a foreign country that is not our origins.
We were in the Discus long before.
I follow him since its beginnings in the United States and I find myself in him despite the age difference 🙂
I have great admiration for Hans and I wish him many years of success.

Hans does not reproduce Discus but sells breeding pairs :

IMG_20150417_172916[1] IMG_20150417_172945[1] IMG_20150417_173118[1] IMG_20150417_173419[1] IMG_20150417_173459[1] IMG_20150417_185052[1] IMG_20150417_185726[1] IMG_20150417_173040[1]

His facilities:

IMG_20150417_173122[1] IMG_20150417_173130[1] IMG_20150417_173142[1]

Video :

Of course, he sells also all sizes of Discus :

IMG_20150417_173229[1] IMG_20150417_173321[1] IMG_20150417_173341[1] IMG_20150417_173450[1] IMG_20150417_173643[1] IMG_20150417_175108[1]

With Stendker Discus, he won many awards through the United States:


And even in Canada :


Thank you Hans for this beautiful afternoon.
His website :