Pterophyllum Altum

Pterophyllum Altum bred in Germany

Unavailable for an indefinite period.

For the first time in Canada, you can have the chance to buy Pterophyllum Altum reproduced in Germany by the famous Mr. Horst Linke.

Often called Altum Angel or Altum Scalar, they should not be confused with his cousins the Pterophyllum Scalare who are also named Angel or Scalar and are available in very large varieties of colors.

Horst Linke, breeder and enthusiast, has participated in numerous expeditions to South America where he has brought back and managed to reproduce very difficult species.


His specialty is Pterophyllum Altum, of which he wrote a book :

More than 25 years ago, he went around the world and visited the breeding farms he made this film :

Pterophyllum Altum reproduced in aquariums have absolutely nothing to do with fish caught in the wild.

Pterophyllum Altum wild caught Pterophyllum Altum breed in Germany
- Fearful, stressed. - Curious, accustomed to captivity.
- Often carrying parasites. - No harmful parasite.
- Reduced growth due to malnutrition and stunted growth because of acclimatization where they can spend many days without eating. - Optimal growth. They have enough to eat since birth.
- Reduced life expectancy because the aquarium and water no longer correspond to that of their environment where the pH is below 6 and often 5. - They are raised in water at pH 7.8, GH 6, KH 4.
- Significant risk that they can not reach their normal size. - They will grow quickly to their maximum size.
- You participate in the fishing of wild species of which less than 10% will survive. - You preserve wildlife.