Delivery – Payment


If you come to choose your Discus in stock in Montreal, the payment is made in cash.

For a special order :
If you pickup your order or we delivery ourselves, we requier a deposit of the half of your order by Interac bank transfer, bank deposit or credit card through Paypal (+ 2.9% Paypal fees). Payment with Paypal can be done without Paypal account.
This deposit is not refundable unless canceled by us. The other half  will be pay  at the pick up in cash.
If we send your order by carrier, your entire order is to be paid. If you cancel your order, we keep half the amount of your order, the other half will be refunded. All will be refunded if the cancellation comes from us.


For a special order all orders will be free to pickup in Montreal (Pointe aux Trembles, H1A 2B1) in the day or the day after receipt of our arrival.


We send across Canada.
– For delivery by us to your home, contact us.
– For a long drive, we can send your order by carrier.
By bus, shipping start at 60$ for Quebec.
By plane, anywhere in Canada, the price start at 95 $ for orders over 400 $ (1000 $ for wholesaler). For orders under 400 $, the price start at 130 $.
In Toronto only,  there is a 15 $ fee to add to the delivery to pay at the airport warehouse.
We guarantee delivery of live fish on arrival. A photo of dead fish on the closed bag within 2 hours after receiving is required for a refound, excluding non-refundable shipping charges. That happens very rarely, only in case of transport problems.

Free shipping in Canada :
Depending on your city, you may have free shipping for ordering 1 full boxes at retail prices.
So talk around you, in forums or other social media to find people near you and order together.
In a box we can put:
60  Discus 2 inches : 12 bags of 5 Discus
36 Discus 2.5 inches : 12 bags of 3 Discus
24 Discus 3″ : 12 bags of 2 Discus
20 Discus 4″ : 20 bags of 1 Discus
12 Discus 5″ : 12 bags of 1 Discus
8 Discus 5.5″ : 8 bags of 1 Discus
5 Discus 6″ : 5 bags of 1 Discus
4 Discus Jumbo : 4 bags of 1 Discus