Black spots in varieties without vertical bars

Discus without vertical bars often based on Pigeon Blood such as Pigeon Blood Blue, Red, Silver, Snake, Marlboro, … have small black spots called charcoal or pepper.
It is the equivalent of the vertical bars that are scattered all over the body.
This is permanent like the vertical bars but emerges more or less depending on :

– emotion, stress, excitement.
– domination. Dominated Discus tend to show more bars and pepper.
– the color of the habitat, the environment. With a sand or a dark background, the charcoal comes out more. The Discus is a bit like the chameleon.
– the quality of the water or the light. If the Discus is not completely comfortable, these black spots will come out.
– age. Often this decreases with age.
– depending on the quality of the Discus.

Example of small black spots due to a dark environment :

Here are the same Discus, 1 year later in a clearer environment:

Mix color for reselers.

Below 8 cm (3 “), it is quite difficult to differentiate the colors of the discus.
There are groups where Discus are very similar and I do not suggest you mix together.
But you can mix between groups, like browns with oranges.

Brown :
Stendker Téfé

Brown with small blue :
Brilliant Turquoise
Red Turquoise
Red Scribbelt
Leopard Snake Skin
Snake Skin Red
Snake Skin Blue
Solid x Snake
With experience, you will make a group of all Snake Skin because they have more stress bar, 14 instead of 9 normally.

Brun with more blue :
Solid Turquoise

Solid blue :
Blue Diamond

Orange :
Pigeon Blood
Pigeon Blood Red
Pigeon Blood Blue
Pigeon blood silver
Pigeon bl. Snake
Checkerbaord (new)
Solid Fire Red
Marlboro Red

Other :
Dark Angel


Our Discus are raised in water with following parameters :
General hardness : 15 GH (dH) – 26 TH(dF) – 270 ppm(mg/l)
Carbonate hardness : 8 KH – 14 TAC – 143 ppm(mg/l)
pH 7
Conductivity : 800 µS
Temperature : 30 °C / 86 °Fahrenheit

If your water is not exactly the same characteristics it does not matter, they acclimate to it.
They accept water with the following parameters:
General hardness :  0-30 GH (dH) /  0-55 TH(dF) / 0 – 535 ppm(mg/l)
Carbonate hardness :  0-25 KH /  0-45 TAC / 0-445 ppm(mg/l)
pH 4.0-8.3
Conductivity : 150-1200 µs
Temperature : 28-30°C / 83-86 °Fahrenheit

Always wash your hands with rubbing alcohol 70% and rinse with water before touching water fish.