Mix color for reselers.

Below 8 cm (3 “), it is quite difficult to differentiate the colors of the discus.
There are groups where Discus are very similar and I do not suggest you mix together.
But you can mix between groups, like browns with oranges.

Brown :
Stendker Téfé

Brown with small blue :
Brilliant Turquoise
Red Turquoise
Red Scribbelt
Leopard Snake Skin
Snake Skin Red
Snake Skin Blue
Solid x Snake
With experience, you will make a group of all Snake Skin because they have more stress bar, 14 instead of 9 normally.

Brun with more blue :
Solid Turquoise

Solid blue :
Blue Diamond

Orange :
Pigeon Blood
Pigeon Blood Red
Pigeon Blood Blue
Pigeon blood silver
Pigeon bl. Snake
Checkerbaord (new)
Solid Fire Red
Marlboro Red

Other :
Dark Angel


Our Discus are raised in water with following parameters :
General hardness : 15 GH (dH) – 26 TH(dF) – 270 ppm(mg/l)
Carbonate hardness : 8 KH – 14 TAC – 143 ppm(mg/l)
pH 7
Conductivity : 800 µS
Temperature : 30 °C / 86 °Fahrenheit

If your water is not exactly the same characteristics it does not matter, they acclimate to it.
They accept water with the following parameters:
General hardness :  0-30 GH (dH) /  0-55 TH(dF) / 0 – 535 ppm(mg/l)
Carbonate hardness :  0-25 KH /  0-45 TAC / 0-445 ppm(mg/l)
pH 4.0-8.3
Conductivity : 150-1200 µs
Temperature : 28-30°C / 83-86 °Fahrenheit

Always wash your hands with rubbing alcohol 70% and rinse with water before touching water fish.