The high quality Discus.
Ultra resistant perfect for beginners

With our Discus, you are sure to have the best in the world coming directly from Mr. Stendker’s breeding in Germany.

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Discus Stendker

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On special order, it is not possible to see the Discus before purchase, any order is final except in default of the fish. To see the quality of your future Discus, watch the videos of our latest arrivals Stendker: click here
Our collaboration with breeding Stendker requires respect for precise selection criteria and all Discus we receive therefore correspond to those you see on the pictures.
There may be some differences in the patern (as drawings) on the discus but below 4 « , they are all the same.
So do not see the Discus, especially if you order them below 4 « is absolutely not a problem. You have to understand that they come directly from the breeder and Stendker has become a sign of recognition in the world and they care too much to their reputation to send you a Discus will not like you.

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Our Discus
The majority of other
Discus on the market
– No disease because they come directly from the farm in Germany and will not in any aquarium with other fish before you. – Very many possible diseases because you buy them in not always healthy aquarium without long quarantine.
– Robust and resistant with a very good immune system. – Fragile because raised with antibiotic, very bad immune system.
– Normally grow because raised with natural food. – Do not normally grow because raised with non-natural products that you do not have.
– No need reverse osmosis device, they live in tap water. – You need to buy a reverse osmosis device, they do not like in tap water.
– They support up to 100mg/l nitrate and grow normally. – They can not stand more than 20mg/l nitrate to grow normally.
– They can be kept from 2.5 “in a planted aquarium with other fish. – They need an empty aquarium with no plants and no other fish until they do 4“.
– No need to clean the tank every day. – You must clean the aquarium of their excrement every day.
– The need a water change only 10-20% per week or 30% every two weeks. – They need water change of 20% per day to maintain low nitrates and grow normally.
– They are not fearful and their behavior is quiet. – They are fearful and nervous with fighting one another.
– They reproduce successfully without problems with same color of the parents. – They are often infertile or give non-viable babies or different color of the parents.